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Since 2016, I have been developing and designing location based 'geo-filters' for Snapchat and its users. These designs have accumulated 4.7 million uses and 274.4 million views.  


Geofilters are creative overlays that Snapchat users can apply to their photos and videos while in a certain area. ​Helping build and strengthen communities through design and technology.​ Let your friends know where you’re at. ​


Over the years, I have set out to create filters for the cities and buildings I tend to hang out at. Eventually creating 20 filters that span across Florida.


These filters have brought in 231.5 million views and 4.1 million uses.

The Problem

When I first began this journey in 2016, I would have never imaged how many eyes would come in contact with these filters. At first my main concern was to create a filter for the locations I noticed didn't have any. Many of the buildings on campus including the library and my dorm did not have filter available, while I noticed more popular locations near me did. 

So I took the problem into my own hands and decided to create a number of filters. 


The main goal for each and every filter created was to create a sense of community through the use of design and technology. The sense of community would come from users interacting with each other, starting conversations, and showcasing unique new perspectives to the same locations. 

These filters have created new dialogues and will continue to do so because of their shared experiences. 


The process begins with choosing a specific location. I take inspiration from the locations I frequent, the library, parks, etc. 

For the Tallahassee Capital filter,  I began to ask the important questions: 


What is Tallahassee? 

What is it known for? 

How can I make this easily recognizable to anyone entering the city? 


Tallahassee is the capital of Florida which means the city is filled with government buildings. The forefront of them is the Florida State Capital which stretches 345′ and can be seen throughout the city. I decided to make this the staple of the filter due to its wide range. 


These designs have accumulated 4.7 million uses and 274.4 million views.  

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